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    DeCon is a classic representative of the German “Mittelstand” - a privately held group of companies offering highly specialized engineering services and the production of plastic components to the automotive industry with over 300 employees at eight locations in Germany, India and China. Originally founded more than 10 years ago as a quality service provider, DeCon has constantly invested in the development of new expertise and new business. Through several successful production line relocations DeCon has earned an excellent reputation as a firefighter for the German automotive industry.


    DeCon GmbH
    Werkringstraße 20
    96515 Sonneberg


    Phone (+49) 36 75 / 427 515-0
    Fax. (+49) 36 75 / 427 515-11

    Branches And Subsidiaries

    DeCon GmbH
    Boschstraße 10
    85080 Gaimersheim

    DeCon GmbH
    Ettinger Str. 107, Audi Tor 10,
    Halle A2 OG bei Säule E31
    85045 Ingolstadt

    DeCon GmbH Sonneberg
    Werkringstraße 20
    96515 Sonneberg

    DeCon Tools & Engineering GmbH & Co.KG
    Werkringstraße 20
    96515 Sonneberg

    DeCon GmbH
    In den Lohbalken 2
    38165 Lehre-Wendhausen

    DeCon GmbH
    Schlosserstr. 6a
    38444 Wolfsburg

    DeCon India Plastics Prvt. Ltd.
    Gat # 357/92, Kharabwadi,
    Tal. Khed
    410501 Chakan/Pune, India